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We like to take good care of all our customers here at Pro Draft, Inc.. So we do a lot more than put lines on paper. Were going to check you’re; zoning, set-backs, permitted uses, infrastructure, view corridors & privacy areas, prevailing winds and annual sun angles. Then we like to address construction budget issues in the design process to maximize your construction dollars and ensure the success of your project.

Next Day, Production Drafting by Pro Draft, Inc.

Our proprietary production drafting method allows us to do things no one thought possible only a short time ago. Created by Robert Robinson Assoc. AIA back in 2005 when things were getting really busy here in Hawaii. Robert says “At the time we simply needed to increase production while minimizing repetitive tasks. I had no idea at the time it would be the birth of next day drafting”. Since that time we've been beta testing the method with our next day drafting service with great success.

Pro Draft Inc. with its standard Next Day Drafting turn-around, is to our knowledge the fastest production drafting house in the United States, (do let us know if you ever hear of anyone coming close)





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Pro Draft Inc. is one of the few businesses in the building industry that has continued to grow even through this great recession. We attribute this to great customer service, deep roots in the industry community and professional excellence. We thank each and everyone, of our wonderful customers for helping make Pro Draft Inc. what it is today.