Architectural services from Pro Draft Inc.

The short answer is “we do everything”. The very nature of a drafting house works like a hub in the building industry. We work closely all aspects of the construction process including Architects, Engineers, Owners, Contractors and Federal, State and County agencies. Whether were working behind-the-scenes for individual firms or working directly with owners and agencies as the principal firm, Pro Draft Inc. has the resources and experience to get the job done right.


Menu of Services:

· Drafting Services
· Architecture
· Interior Design
· Green Building / LEED
· Condominiumization's
· Permit Expediting Services
· Project Management Services
· Associated Services
o Architect's Services
o Engineering Services
o Contractor Services
o Land Surveyor Services
o Realtor Services
o Real Estate Appraisers
o Real Estate Attorneys



All Pro Draft Inc. services are à la carte. Just because we do everything does not mean we suggest doing everything for your project. Our goal is to save you money while providing excellent service. We will always advise you on the most cost efficient solutions for your projects. We encourage all of our customers to do all the money-saving running around they are up for. We are also happy to give advice over the phone. Here Pro Draft Inc. “it's all about the integrity of the work, were just glad to be of service”.


Robert Robinson, Assoc. AIA

Member: AIA, USGBC, ICC, ADDA, & Maui Contractors Assn.


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