Pro Draft Inc. has a wide variety of projects in the works at any given time.

  • Commercial Projects ranging from new office/retail complexes to tenant improvements (T.I.). We also do a lot of restaurants, commercial kitchens and ag production facilities.

  • Residential Projects ranging from single-family dwellings to multistory condominiums. Here Pro draft Inc. we do it all. So whether you're looking for executive home designs with pools, spas, waterfalls and landscaping, or an inexpensive addition to your house you've come to the right place.


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“I must confess that I spend so much time working on plans for the future that they rarely ever have time to look back. I rarely ever see a project after final inspection and I'm not much for basking in the limelight of grand openings. The drawback of this is that don't get a lot of photos of projects once there complete. I have only recently started to remedy this, and I'll be adding more photographs as I visit more sites.”

P.S. if you're Pro Draft customer please e-mail us photos of your projects (not that we don't appreciate all the cards and gifts thank you very much it always feels great to hear from you all). We also welcome your comments, only after living in your house for a year can you appreciate its design aspects from season to season. Getting feedback on your design after you lived in it for a few years is invaluable, so feel free and don't hold back.

Robert Robinson Assoc AIA

Pro Draft Inc.

Maui, Hawaii