Services for Realtors

Pro Draft Inc. provides services
for Realtors in Hawaii.

Often your clients will have questions like what can I build on this property? Or what would it take to get this non-permitted work legal? Whether you have questions about building code & permitted uses or you need a full-service architectural firm Pro draft Inc. has the resources to get it done now.



Prospective buyers often higher us for site visits & consultation, before they make an offer on a property. We answer questions ranging from zoning, setbacks, building envelopes & permitted uses to evaluating the existing buildings possible un-permitted work and building code violations. We also provide construction cost estimates and licensed contractor services should they be desired.


We also do a lot of Condominiumizations or CPR’s (condominium property regime) for many of the real estate attorneys here in Hawaii. We can provide your customers with everything required to properly execute a Condominiumization of their property.

This includes:

A site plan by a licensed surveyor
CPR plans for all buildings on the property per specifications required for CPR's
Your choice of a real estate attorney to administer your property regime

We are familiar with each and every step of this process and can answer all of your questions at any time if you are considering a condominium property regime.




Excellent Customer Service

Perhaps one of the most important things we do for realtors is providing excellent service to your customers. Providing your customers with all the resources and information they need, can make all the difference between living the dream and living a nightmare. Anyone who is been through this process knows what I'm talking about. Warning: Once you have gone through this process with Pro Draft, Inc. you may never work with anyone else. Our customers seem to come back project after project and were always glad to see them.


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