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Required Forms
Optional Forms
Rates for Services
Estimate Cost for Plans
Estimate Cost to Build in Hawaii
How long will this take?

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Required Forms:

Pro Draft Work Order (required for new jobs)


Work Order Check List
Project Specification Sheet
Letter of Authorization (LOA)
Work Order Contract

Adobe Acrobat PDF document
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Optional Forms:

Download Compare Plans Chart 1
187 KB

Download Compare Plans Chart 2
240 KB

Condominium Property Regime or CPR
Download a PDF of this Condo Check List,

Project Specification Sheet - Commercial & Residential (recommended for professionals)
Adobe Acrobat PDF document
188 KB

Check List 1 - Single Family dwelling (recommended)
Adobe Acrobat PDF document
240 KB

Check List 2 - Accessory dwelling (recommended)
Adobe Acrobat PDF document
232 KB

Brochure (3-fold on standard sheet, color or black & white)
Adobe Acrobat PDF document
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Rates for Services

Pro Draft, Inc.'s Service Rates

Projects by Proposal Estimate:

Every project is different, so we like to assess each project
and provide a proposal based on scope of work and type of plans needed

Minimum Fee:

$5,850 for Plans up to 1000 sq. ft. for permit plan sets

Hourly Work Rate:

Pro Draft, Inc. charges an hourly work rate of $75.00 per hour.

Hourly Consulting Rate:

Pro Draft, Inc. charges an hourly consulting rate of $150.00 per hour.

Site Visit Flat Rate:

Pro Draft, Inc. charges a flat rate of $500.00. for site visits & consultations

Permit Applications and Submittal Rates:

Permit applications & submittals are done by proposal estimate depending on the types of permits required and $65.00 per hr. thereafter if required.




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Additional Fees:

There are additional fees including; homeowners association design review fees (if applicable), building permit application fees & building permit fees, engineering, architect or land surveyor services, and in-house and local printing services.


How long will this take?

We have a standard 2 day Drafting turn around. Weekly Project turn around are typical If you’re in a hurry get ready to be happy.

Weekly turn around  for preliminary drafts including creation of 3-D model, renders, and walkthroughs.

it also usually takes 2 weeks to produce final plans depending on size & scope of work.

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