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Green Building by Robert Robinson Assoc. AIA.

Robert Robinson, assoc. AIA takes green building to a whole new level. After all even a LEED certified green building doesn't necessarily look any different from any other building. It's how the building performs that makes a green. Well here Pro Draft Inc. we love buildings that actually are living green. Our thinking is if you're going green why not go all the way. For us there's nothing more appealing and inviting than living green buildings and common areas. This is made possible by the strategic use of green roofs and green walls. While we have lots of new products and assembly methods for green roofs and walls this is not a new idea or application. Green roofs and green walls have been around for centuries.

While “Green Building” is a big complicated subject for the construction industry, it's relatively simple in nature; do more with less. Many of the applications green building are also remarkably simple. As the USGBC grows they encompass a greater variety of projects in their green building rating system. This makes the overall system more user-friendly as people are able to focus on specific projects like remodels or new construction and avoid areas that don't apply to their project. In general I find green building is something every project should consider to some degree.

We have put together a collection of some of my favorite green building projects and examples of green roofs and green wall systems. While these designs tend to be site specific they can give you ideas about the possibilities and applications of these systems. Robert Robinson assoc. AIA believes living Green systems are profoundly beneficial to the occupants. This is why we find there application in hospitals and medical buildings. It's also widely used in restaurants, shopping malls public common areas. “It's my experience that living plants aren't just great sound control and environment enhancers, they actually reduce stress and create an environment of sanctuary and well-being.” says Robert Robinson.




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