"What you need to know when comparing plans..."

When you're shopping for plans and comparing prices it's difficult to know what exactly you're getting and what you're not getting when you compare Plan's and Prices. That's why we've taken the time to create a comparison chart for you. You can print this out and use it when you make your calls and shop around.

When you compare price, you also need to compare the quality of work. We are confident we can beat any price when the plan content is matched by our competitors or vise versa.

For your convenience we created pre-checked columns for “Preferred” items
and items to AVOID making it easy for anyone rate and compare plans.

Now you can know what questions to ask of your plan maker,
and clearly see the difference in quality when comparing prices!

We have also created a Short Form  (Compare Plans Chart 1 Short Form.pdf)
and a Detailed Form (Compare Plans Chart 2 Detailed Form.pdf) generally used by professionals.
These Charts are set up for residential customers but they could be used for any type of project.

We hope you find this helpful!

Download Compare Plans Chart 1

187 KB

Download Compare Plans Chart 2

240 KB

Summary Explanation of Comparison Charts:

1st Column shows various plan items found in typical plan sets
2nd Column shows Pro Draft, Inc. Standard items included
3rd Column shows Pro Draft, Inc. Optional items
4th Column shows items Required for Permits
5th Column shows Preferred items that you want to have in your plans
6th Column shows items to AVOID items that you don’t want to have in your plans
7th Column (use as check list for others)
8th Column (use as check list for others)
9th Column (use as check list for others)