Associated Services

Associated Services

Pro Draft, Inc. offers a wide range of Associated Services through the professionals we work with here in Hawaii. It's our mission to provide convenient access to all types of licensed building industry professionals. We are here to serve the good people of Hawaii. Providing comprehensive resource directories helps smooth the way of any project.

If you're a Pro Draft Inc. client, chances are you won't need to worry about this section because we take care of everything for you. However if you're interested in doing things yourself, then you just hit pay dirt. If you have a construction or remodeling job in the works and you need licensed building industry professionals for your project then you've come to the right place.

We have tried to bring everything you'll need for your project under one roof for your convenience.  These services include:


The bottom line is if you're going to build in Hawaii you're going to need some or all of these services depending on what stage you're at with the project. If you're not sure which of these services you need, a quick call Pro Draft Inc. can get you on the right track.

If you preferred to do things yourself, you also want to check out the getting started section of this website. The online forms, helpful links and resources are a treasure trove of information all in one place.



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