Architect's Services

Architect’s Services

Pro Draft Inc. provides services from Architects licensed in the State of Hawaii. Thanks to Pro Draft Inc.'s Standard Next Day Drafting Service, we need lots of architects to keep up. Pro Draft Inc. Is currently working with three architects some with same-day service and that number is sure to grow.

  • If you're looking to hire an architect in the traditional manner for that full-service architectural firm experience please click here (to visit our Architecture section). We have a special section of our website just for these customers.

  • If you're looking to hire an architect for à la carte administrative services, please contact us and let us know what you need. We'll have one of our licensed architects prepare proposal for you.

"Whether you need administrative services, structural calculations or you're interested in the full service architectural firm experience you have come to the right place. Our team of architects is here to be of service."

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Green Design - Sustainable Architecture

Our architectural design team is dedicated to green design and sustainable architecture. Bringing high-performance energy-efficient buildings to Hawaii is one of our primary goals. Our team has extensive experience with alternative building materials such as AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete), ICF (Insulated Concrete Form), SIP (Structural Insulated Panels).

Green Roofs and Green Walls

Our favorite type of green architecture is the strategic use of green roofs and green walls. Until recently these systems were largely applied to commercial projects and municipal public areas. These days however they're being used increasingly in residential projects. Condominium associations were some of the first to recognize the benefits and installed them into common areas with great success. Now homeowners also see the benefits and more single family dwelling projects are finding applications for green roof and/or green wall systems all the time. This is great news, it's an exciting trend. Our design team is already working to take it to the next level. We are currently working on some very interesting projects. Designing homes that not only produce power and water, but they also produce food as well.

Until recently green roof and green wall systems are primarily decorative in nature. But here Pro Draft Inc. we are working to change that. The rising cost of oil and gas has started to impact the cost of our food. As these costs increase people will see the benefits of self-sustaining homes. We expect this will be the trend of the future. It's certainly an efficient solution. There are so many benefits to these systems. We feel it will help bring back something that we've lost in our modern society, a connection to nature and agriculture. It's a wonderful counterbalance to a modern lifestyle.


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Our thanks…..

Pro Draft Inc. is one of the few businesses in the building industry that has continued to grow even through this great recession. We attribute this to great customer service, deep roots in the industry community and professional excellence. We thank each and everyone, of our wonderful loyal customers for helping make Pro Draft Inc. what it is today.