Condominiumization's (CPR's)

Condominium Property Regime or CPR

More commonly known as Condominiumization’s. This is a method of dividing a parcel into a condominium property regime (CPR) allowing independent ownership of each area section or “condo”.  While a CPR will allow you to sell off sections of your parcel or lot, with or without buildings, It does not change the zoning or permitted uses of that parcel or lot.

For example; if you have an AG lot that is less than 5 acres you're allowed to have one main farm dwelling and one 2nd Farm Dwelling with a 1000 ft.² or less of living area. You can create a condominium property regime or CPR for this lot into four sections or “condo’s”. But only two of them will be allowed to have a main house or second farm dwelling. The County of will continue to view this lot as a single entity in terms of zoning and permitted uses. The other sections or condo’s would still be able to have non-dwelling structures such as barns or garages and other ag related structures per allowable uses of the original lot and zoning.

Here is a condo check list for your convenience:

To Download a PDF of this Condo Check List, click here

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1. Consult with Developer re Condo Map, Preliminary Worksheet
and Document Task Lists.

2. Draft:

CPR Declaration and Declaration Checklist
laws and Bylaws Checklist

Condominium Map Checklist

3. Record in Bureau of Conveyances:

CPR Declaration
Condominium Map

4. Fill out:


Developers Public Report (DPR)

DPR attachments - Notice of Right to Cancel Sales
Contract and Purchaser's Receipt
Purchaser's Receipt For DPR

Option to Rescind Sales Contract Rescission or Waiver

5. Draft:

Cover Letter

6. Register with the Real Estate Commission a bound, indexed
and t
abbed DPR with the filing fee of $1160 (2 unit condo: $250
on fee + $900 consultant review fee + $5 per unit) .
Bound Contents include

Cover Letter

Application - original and one copy, with checklists

for Declaration, Bylaws and Condo Map
Developer's Public Report
Draft (one copy)
ocuments list

Copy of recorded Declaration
Copy of recorded Bylaws

Copy of recorded Condominium Map copy
House Rules, if appli

Executed escrow agreement, with summary

Specimen copy of proposed sales contract

Specimen copy of unit conveyance document

Management contract or Statement of Self-management
CPA Certified Schedule of Estimated Annual Maintenance

Fees and monthly estimated per unit costs -
Title Report (dated not more than 60 days before filing)

Copy of recorded vesting Deed

Copy of transmittal letter (submitting a copy of the
application, map and developer's public report) to Maui County

Owner-occupant Sales Exemption (two units) or
Owner-occupant notices and affidavits (more than two units)

Organizational documents (under five units - unincorporated)

Sales broker listing agreement

County Verified Compliance Statement
(Converted structures = more than 1 year old)
Developer's Declaration of Compliance
omponent Condition Report

Developer's Component Condition and Life Statement
Developer's Ag District Statement of Compliance with state and county land use laws

Developer's Ag District Statement of Compliance

with county real property tax laws

Farm Dwelling Disclosure

Certification of §5l4B-143 insurance coverage

7. Within 30 days of completion of construction, record as-
built amendments to the Declaration and Condo Map, recertified
y the architect.

If you have questions regarding a condominium property regime or CPR you want to speak with Robert Robinson assoc. AIA. 1-800-499-4699 He can answer all your questions regarding the types of Condominiumization’s available and their requirements.