2nd Day Drafting Service

“architectural drafting for professionals, by professionals”.

Pro Draft Inc. is an innovative high production drafting house located in Maui Hawaii
Providing cutting-edge architectural drafting services:



All of our work is done in house by highly trained professionals specializing in Hawaii State and County building codes. Our services include:

  • Standard Next Day production Drafting Services
  • Custom layouts and logos for your firm’s template plan sheets
  • Custom Details for your preferred methods
  • Schedules for doors, windows, cabinets, fixtures, electrical and even room schedules including flooring molding, trim & window treatments, the works!
  • All types of rendering including:
  • Watercolor with and without Line Drawing overlay,
  • Photorealistic Rendering
  • CAD walk-through and fly over movie files.
  • We can even build models of your projects should you require them.



Real-Time Drafting

We also provide real-time drafting services. This is where we actually draft your plan right there in front of you during an office appointment. This can often turn out to be a very quick solution to complicated layouts. In most cases within less than an hour we can have your building completely sketched up and ready for detailing.


Drafting to CAD services

Are you still drawing old-style haven't wanted to learn the new CAD programs? Well now you don't have to, we can convert your hand sketches into CAD layouts within a day or two. Thanks to Pro Draft, Inc. the days of waiting weeks and sometimes months for plans to be drafted are over.

Production Drafting

Our proprietary production drafting method allows us to do things no one thought possible only a short time ago. Created by Robert Robinson Associate AIA back in 2005 when things were getting really busy here in Hawaii. Robert says “At the time we simply needed to increase production while minimizing repetitive tasks. I had no idea at the time it would be the birth of next day drafting”. Since that time we've been beta testing the method with our next day drafting service with great success.

Pro Draft Inc. with its standard 48 hour turn-around, is the fastest production drafting house in the United States*.


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*To our knowledge, (do let us know if you ever hear of anyone coming close)