Permit Expediting Services

Permit Expediting Services
Maui County, State of Hawaii

Here Pro draft Inc. we do a lot of Permit Expediting. Sometimes it's our own projects and sometimes we are just helping other folks with their permits. Either way, we are here to be of service. Our permit expediting services for Maui County include:

  • Commercial Permits
  • Residential Permits
  • Demo Permits
  • RFS Request-For-Service citation solutions
  • After-The-Fact permits ATF
  • Hold Harmless Agreements HHA
  • Certificates of Exemption CEI
  • Permit Expediting
  • SMA Major & SMA Minor permits
  • Bed-and-Breakfast and TVR permitting
  • Grading & Grubbing Permits
  • Water Fixture Worksheets and Zero Use Certificates
  • Domestic Water Flow Calculations
  • Catchment Water Systems
  • Fire Flow Calculations
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Farm Plans and Farm Plan applications


We have many of the County forms and applications on file here at the office. We have also compiled many of the forms and applications available on the web in our “getting started” section see “online forms”, “helpful links”, and “resources” sections on this website. If you like to do things yourself you'll find everything you need in the sections.

A note regarding RFS’s and ATF's

If the County building inspector has served you with a RFS or Request-For-Service letter regarding building code violations on your property we recommend you give us a call. We are happy to give you lots of free advice to help you resolve this yourself as cheaply as possible. Even if plans or after-the-fact permits are required (which were happy to draft up for you) you can still do most of the permit expediting yourself. In fact we recommend it. While were certainly able to take care of these issues for you, it can be quite expensive and we caution against it. We can tell you what you need to know in a phone call or two and you're on your way.

Whether you're a homeowner here in Maui County or large architectural firm on the mainland with local projects in the works Pro Draft Inc. has the right permit expediting solution for you.


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