Project Management Services

Project Management Services
Maui, Hawaii.

Pro Draft Inc. provides project management services for both residential and commercial projects in Maui County. While most in-house Pro Draft Inc. projects don't require project management there are some circumstances in which these services are beneficial. The most common of which is larger commercial projects done by mainland architectural firms. In these cases having someone on-site familiar with local building codes and resources can be very beneficial. The second most common is larger residential projects for mainland customers. In these cases having someone on-site keeping everyone on plan and on schedule is also worthwhile in some situations. But the bottom line in project management is often the budget. For this reason we do not recommend project management services unless they are warranted. However for those of you who find yourself in these special circumstances that justify a project manager we are happy to assist you.

We have two types of service packages for project management

  • 1st is the Pono Management Plan (part-time, per hour, as needed)

  • 2nd is the Alii Management Plan (full-time or part-time per contract salary)


The Pono Management Plan

Depending on the size and scope of your project we usually recommend the Pono Management Plan. The idea being; don't pay for more project management then you need. The same is true for the hourly rates which range from $60-$75 per hour depending on who works on your account.  We will always use the less expensive options whenever possible to keep your costs down. That's why we call it the “Pono” Management Plan

The Alii Management Plan

However some projects require full-time staff members on hand all the time it is only for these projects that we recommend the Alii Management Plan. If this describes what you're looking for please contact Robert Robinson at Pro Draft Inc. he can discuss your project needs and answer all your questions. Once you guys hammer out the details we can prepare a project management service quote for your consideration.

Whether you're an architectural firm working on a commercial project, or a residential customer looking for someone to take the lead, Pro Draft Inc. can create the ideal management solution for your project.

If you're in need of project management services and would like a proposal
please contact Robert Robinson assoc. AIA at 1-800-499-4699 and discuss your needs.



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